Summer Lessons

(Wednesdays only)

To be determined in 2018

Summer Lesson Schedule

The tuition will be based on how many lessons you have in each month. If you pay for a lesson and cannot attend because of vacation conflicts, etc., you may request either a make-up lesson or a credit. You do not have to attend all lessons.

Lessons in the summer can be a great time to try something different. They can be very casual and less stressful because you are not balancing your time with school and sports. Some ideas for summer study would include: using the Clavinova to learn how to compose and orchestrate your composition, writing your own compositions on the computer, studying the music and life of a composer, working on pop or show tunes, learning how to transpose or improvise, improving your sight reading, learning a challenging piece of music or getting a head start on next year’s audition. You will have the opportunity to record audition pieces and other favorite music on your own personal CD or you may have your own ideas.

To register for summer lessons, please check the summer lesson schedule for openings then email me with the dates and times you want for lessons. I will confirm your request by email and update the web summer lesson schedule.