National Piano Playing Auditions

201 8 Auditions: May 19 and 20, 2018  not yet confirmed

The National Piano Playing Audition is an annual adjudicating event sponsored by the American College of Musicians. It is a non-competitive event meant to encourage students to attain goals offered through a standardized piano curriculum. Students are judged on an individual basis during a private session. Upon successful completion of the audition, each student is awarded membership in the National Fraternity of Musicians for one year, plus a certificate, lapel pin, and report card with comments and details of their audition. In addition to yearly adjudications, students can work toward various diplomas, scholarships and composition contests such as the Bach Medal, Sonatina Medal, Five-Year National Roll, Ten-year National Roll, Paderewski Gold Medal, etc.



2017 Audition news…..

On May 20, 2016 sixteen local piano students successfully completed the requirements for membership in the National Fraternity of Student Musicians, sponsored by the National Guild of Piano Teachers, Teacher Division of the American College of Musicians, after being reviewed by Estrid Eklof of Connecticut.

The following students received awards: Owen Abruzzese, Christopher Barbato, Jack Blumenshine, Olivia Blumenshine, , Ben Chen, Aisling Fantasia, Aditya Gautham, Laura Haas, Tara Harte, Alex Hutchinson, Andy Hutchinson, Max McCarthy, Marisa McCarthy, Ava McIntyre, Samantha Zhu and Ben Zide.

Jack Blumenshine and Ben Chen received the Five-Year National Award for attaining high scores on the National level for five years.